Get It Together

Get It Together

When “Lemonade” came out back in April I distinctly remember thinking “Welp, I know what  I’m doing for a Halloween costume.” I wasn’t sure which look from the video I would go for, but I wasn’t worried about it. I knew I had plenty of time to get it together.

So ask me which look I decided on…

There are some people who looooove Halloween; they’ve been thinking about tonight since last year and will start thinking about next year tomorrow. And then there are people like me. I don’t have anything against Halloween. If given a compelling reason and enough notice, I’ll participate. But I can just as easily do without it. True story: as I was writing this post, a coworker stopped by my desk and asked if I have plans for tonight, and I legit wondered why she would be asking me if I had plans on a Monday night. I forgot that today is Halloween. While writing a post about today being Halloween.

That’s the relationship Halloween and I have.

So I have no costume. Because I never did get it together. Which is no big deal because I don’t have any Halloween plans. But part of me can’t help wondering…

Did I not get it together because I didn’t have plans? Or do I not have plans because I never got it together?


Because if I had gotten it together, if I had decided on a look from that video and gathered the pieces needed and put in the effort — I PROMISE you, I would have found someplace to wear it.

And in a strange way, knowing that comforts me about some of the other stuff in my life that I’m trying to get together. And maybe it can comfort you too. Because chances are that you’ve got a picture in your head, a future look you’d like to pull off in some area(s) of your life. And you’re trying to get it together. Gathering the pieces. Laying the foundation. Putting in the effort even though you’re not really sure when and where it’s going to be needed. And sometimes you get tired and it seems silly and you’re tempted to just stop. But I hope that you don’t.

To be preparing for something that only you can see right now might feel crazy (and it kinda is) but it’s not for nothing. It’s faith.  You just keep learning, keep practicing, keep preparing and keep getting it together. And it will find a place to show itself. You’ll see.

What about you? What’s a future look that you’re trying to get together?