I Did A Thing…

I Did A Thing…

I actually did a few things over the past few weeks, for example…

I did a spoken word piece as part of Black History Month observance at my church.

I made my first guest appearance on a podcast.

I started writing a book of poetry, thoughts and essays on race in America. (And I only added that to this list to make my claim of doing a “few” things true and to force myself to finish said book by publicly announcing it. And thus opening myself up to public disappointment and ridicule if I don’t finish it.)

Myself to me:
“Thanks a lot me.”

Me to myself:
“Anytime girl. I gotchu.”

Anyway… here are proofs of two out of the few things…

The podcast… TBD with Ky and Vee features two minority millennials giving their unfiltered opinions on everything under the sun while searching for a way out of the “friend zone.” I’m a guest on the last half hour or so of episode 34.
NOTE: Parental Discretion Advised. For real. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because I just did.

The spoken word piece… “AS IT IS”